A Way to be Clear: a three-day retreat

November, 2017 - North Cornwall

"How can we bring total clarity to our work and lives, so that everything becomes natural, creative and free?"

Three days with Charles Davies and Max St John, learning to be who you are and do the work that's yours, in effortless collaboration.

After an amazing retreat at Tilton House (see the photos above) in the Sussex Downs, we're now taking expressions of interest for our second adventure, this time on the wild North Cornish Coast.

Once we've heard from 10 people, we'll announce dates and a location.

Places will be around £1200 full board and £950 non-residential.


Over three days we'll dive into the fundamentals of the creative process, discovering how play, the body and the mind can work beautifully together.

We'll cover everything you need to develop effortless collaboration and beautiful work:

Very Clear Ideas - how to be very clear about your ideas, to stand fully in your own creative authorship, and to articulate your deepest needs.

Identity Yoga - how to unlock every part of your identity so that you are the perfect creative instrument for every situation you can ever find yourself in.

Initiative Mapping: how to understand natural collaboration and the workings of any initiative, from large organisations to projects with friends, so maximum creativity flows.

We'll be practicing empathy and connection, learning how to create compassion for self and others through working with Needs.  

We'll be creating inner space and quiet, getting into our bodies through the ancient arts of Qi-Gong and Nei-Gong.

We'll be learning how to play again, to be free from any of the rules of life with the equally ancient Way of the Fool.

And more.


You're seeking clarity.

Like all of us, you know that you're full of superstitions and craziness that gets in the way of all the good stuff happening.

You want to clear the way for all of that good stuff to come, totally unimpeded.

We'll show you the tools and methods to:

  • Clearly articulate your most compelling ideas and help others do the same.
  • Develop collaborative working relationships that meet everyone's needs.
  • Play with your sense of identity so you can show up however you want.
  • Tap into and resolve the source of any stuckness or difficulty in seconds.

If you think this might be for you, but you want to understand more, get in touch with Max (max@beingwildthings.com) or Charles (hello@charlesdavies.com).

About your hosts


Charles Davies is the creator of Very Clear Ideas and author of ‘I thought I was on the way to work, but I was on the way home’, a new version of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching. Former Features Editor of The Face magazine, Charles has taught at business schools across Europe, toured Arctic Norway as a stand-up comic and once wrote lyrics for a platinum selling Russian pop group. He lives in Northern Ireland and offers coaching by Skype to anyone who’d like to be clearer: www.charlesdavies.com.

You can read his writing at: https://medium.com/@charlesdavies

Max St John is the founder of Wild Things in Brighton and author of ‘The Needs Work’, a book about empathy and collaboration. Former MD of Brighton digital agency NixonMcInnes, Max is trained in The Art of Hosting and Non-Violent Communication. He is just taking his first steps towards establishing a democratic primary school in Brighton.

You can read his writing at: https://medium.com/@maxstjohn