Helpful Technology and Wild Things
> Making everything clear and connected

We’re getting team and clients closer together for better outcomes and more fun.

  • Digital agency - 10+ people, London

  • Improving collaboration, client relationships and results

  • 12 month programme of NVC and coaching

The background

Life in an agency can get tricky.

You’re there to meet the needs of your clients, but if you lose sight of your own needs, things can get messy. 

And it’s easy to fall into unfulfilling master-servant relationships. Or be dismissive of clients who ‘just don’t get it’.

But it doesn’t have to be that way - agency life can be both creative, fun, fulfilling and about building strong, successful adult-to-adult relationships with clients. 

And this is what we’re doing at Helpful.

What we're doing

The team at Helpful are smart, committed and love to, well… help.

I’ve never met a team so genuinely bought into what they do - giving clients agency and autonomy through digital.

But in the hectic day-to-day of ‘getting it over the line’, there’s naturally tensions that surface with clients and in the team.

In the tension it’s easy believe that there’s a scarcity going on.

We think it’s a zero-sum game - that only you or the other can get their way.

But the truth is that everyone can win, and the results can be amazing.

To help create this at Helpful, we taught the whole team the basics of collaborative communication (NVC).

We explained how to understand your own needs and how to express them clearly, how to spot when we slip into judgment and blame, and how to see past it.

We learned how to see that your needs and those of your colleague or client aren’t mutually exclusive, and how to shift the conversation when it starts going off track.

What's happened

Immediately after, the language in the company started to change. 

We’re noticing our reactions more, slowing down the rush to judgment on ‘bad days’, and thinking about the needs we and others have.
— Steph Gray, Founder

People noticed when they were slipping into a ‘judgement cycle’, surfacing it in the team and talking it through.

And each person has had the opportunity for coaching, every month, to unpick what’s going on for them and how they want things to be. 

Over the past six months, people have been showing up differently. 

Coming back from client meetings that could have ended in a bad project, or a messy relationship, with new insight and the energy to change the situation.

As a result, there’s often more creativity and connection in how client relationships are built, and projects sold and delivered.

We’re now working with the leadership team, to evolve the structure and rhythm of company life, built around the purpose of the business, and the needs of its people. 

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