How to make your own rituals:

A practical workshop

What: A day of learning about and making rituals to support you in your work and life.

When: Wednesday 10th July, 6.30-8.30pm

Where: Gooseham Farm, Bude

Cost: £10 per person


Do you have a major work or life event coming up? Is there something that you need to let go of and leave in the past? Do you need to improve the flow of coming in and out of your working day?

Rituals are essential to crossing thresholds in life and for giving life rhythm. In this ritual-making workshop we will learn how to apply some of the basics of ritual to create powerful but simple processes and put them to work.

You can either bring something you want to work on, or just come along to learn a new toolkit to apply when you need to.

By the end of the workshop you will leave with a clear idea for a ritual to implement in your life, while also feeling more clear on what rituals are and more experienced and confident in creating them.

What are rituals?

Typically the kind of rituals we can create are either:

Moments that create a sense of ‘before and after’. One-off, no turning back moments. You might be having a change of career, bringing closure to a significant relationship or embarking on a major adventure.

Moments that bring cohesion and rhythm to your life. Rituals that happen in a similar form on a regular basis. This could be creating a clear sense of leaving work and being with the family, to bring more presence to home life, for example.

What do rituals look like?

What a ritual looks like, what content it has and what world-view it reflects is totally up to you. The ambition of the workshop is simply to help people in their ritual making processes, to create processes that feel like home.

The principles of what we will cover are grounded in academic concepts on ritual, and you can explore their fit with your spirituality if that feels relevant - but equally there is no need to be ‘spiritual’ at all.

Feedback from past attendees

It was at the same time luxuriously indulgent and practically useful. It flowed effortlessly, and felt warm, safe and welcoming from the start. It easily got across how ritual doesn't need to seem weird, esoteric or mystical - it's just a practical human tool to focus in on what's important.

Moving, enlightening, impactful... a perfect balance between introspection and almost spiritual reflection, alongside very clear and easily applicable learning. I left feeling not just like I'd picked up a new set of tools, but feeling lighter in myself.

How will the day run?

We will get started by engaging in some sharing, learning and exercises. We’ll split up in creative groups to design our individual rituals while supporting others and receiving their help. We’ll share a lunch together on the farm and afterwards end our time together with a ritual for committing to actually going through with what we have designed.

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About Viktor

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Viktor is a ritual designer who began his work after noticing how many workplace rituals and rituals for work seem to be missing today. Since 2014 he has been working with award winning businesses, artists and a wide variety of international collaborators. He has been featured on national radio in the UK and in Australia.


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