Mapping initiative - an introductory call


Very clear ideas is a practice developed by Charles Davies over 15 years, through his work with individuals and organisations.

It’s a method for getting clear about what you’re doing, how you’ll do it and the help you need.

Applied to any context where people are working together, it creates a crystal clear map of how the individual needs and initiatives serve a singular purpose.

This allows everyone to be focused, productive and effective in what they do.

(You can read more about it on his Medium publication)

This call is an introduction to this practice, for those curious about how they might apply it in their work, specifically for the Art of Hosting community.

The call will be hosted by Max St John, a coach, facilitator and consultant who’s been working with Charles and his methods, integrating this into his Art of Hosting toolkit for the past fives years with organisations across the spectrum.

The call takes place on Monday 16th September, 4-5pm UK.

It will be one hour, including time for questions.

We’ll be using the Zoom platform - free to install

It’s free to take part and if you’d like to join us, register your details below and you’ll be sent a link for the call.

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