Working with Needs: a digital field guide

'Working with Needs: A Field Guide' is a digital handbook for anyone who wants to bring a needs-based approach to their work and life.

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It's included with each set of Needs Cards, but available for download below.

The book uses a series of explainers, real-life examples and practical exercises that teach you the core concepts of the approach, and how to apply it.

By asking you to reflect on your work and life, you'll also get insight into live questions, problems and decisions that you might be facing.

This is the first edition of a book that will grow and evolve along with the community that use it.  

This book covers:

  • What are needs? The relationship between what we do and what we really need. Why we have such a problem with the idea of 'needs' and how we've lost sight of what matters.
  • Needs vs Strategies: The difference between the things we chase and what will make life better. And how to unlock unlimited creativity by knowing the difference.
  • Judgement vs Empathy:  How our habitual thinking crushes our ability to think creatively and collaborate effectively and avoid unhealthy conflict. And how needs are the shortcut out.
  • Purpose and needs: Why all projects and organisations start with the need of a single human being. And why working with needs can untangle most organisational dysfunctions at their heart.
  • Using needs as a tool: How to start using the Needs Deck (or the needs list on this website) as a tool for working with groups, coaching sessions and personal reflection.

I'm using a Pay What You Like model. All contributions support me to develop this book further and make the ideas in it available to as many people as possible.

Please choose an amount that you feel happy to pay.