Max St John - Founder/Director

I founded Wild Things in 2015. 

I worked in agencies and consultancies for 12 years, running change programmes for global brands, government departments and international NGOs. I've taught at business schools in the UK and Switzerland, advised the Cabinet Office on workplace culture and I ran a radical company that operated on democracy, transparency and participation.

Through this, I realised that it's the gap between what we choose to believe about ourselves and what's really possible that is the cause of most unhappiness, stress and unhealthy conflict at work - in fact, in the world. Wild Things is my way of helping to close this gap and to create a new way of working together.


Wild Things is part of a worldwide network of independent facilitators, consultants, teachers, coaches and creatives, working with people from the Art of Hosting, Kaos Pilots, Knowmads and many other communities in Europe, the US and the Far East.

These lovely people are working on live projects or have taught on our courses.

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Agnes Otzelberger

Agnes works as a facilitator, researcher and trainer, focusing specialising in humanising the organisations that work in the service of others. 

She uses the tools of participatory facilitation, Nonviolent Communication and systems thinking for people to connect to what’s truly important, name what otherwise can’t be named and find ways to address the complex challenges we face.

Maaike Boumans - participatory leadership

Maaike works as a host, trainer and graphic facilitator all over the world. She's called to the power of stories, personal practice, systems thinking and collaboration. Her work is engaged with creating conditions for meaningful conversations and wise action to generate systems change. 

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Kashyapi – non-dual wisdom

Kashyapi is a poet, writer and meditation teacher, based in Portugal. Her work has always been to bring the timeless non-dual wisdom of the Buddhist and Taoist traditions into the mainstream, everyday lives of the people she works with.

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Lasy Lawless - conscious business

Lasy is a coach, consultant and one half of Conscious Business People, who have been working with Wild Things on the Brandwatch leadership programme. Lasy is also a trained accountant and psychotherapist.

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Jamie Pyper – conscious business

Jamie is also a coach, consultant and other half of Conscious Business People. Jamie's background is in Silicon Valley and working with major tech firms, and went on to become an independent consultant and re-trained as a psychotherapist. 

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Tom Nixon – founders and purpose

Tom works with founders to make sure they’re truly following their passion, are clear on their idea and are building the culture, structure and strategy to make it happen. Tom believes we should bring our full human selves to work and have the opportunity to discover and live our own calling in life.