ebook: Working with Needs

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working with needs - title page - 170419.jpg

ebook: Working with Needs


Needs are the basic drivers of everything we do - and yet so few of us understand how to connect to them, let alone use them to guide our decisions.

This digital handbook will show you the fastest route to a more meaningful, productive and satisfying way to live and work, by aligning everything to your needs.

The book uses a series of explainers, real-life examples and practical exercises that teach you the core skills for understanding needs and how they show up.

By asking you to reflect on your work and life, you'll also get insight into live questions, problems and decisions that you might be facing.

This book covers:

  • What are needs? The relationship between what we do and what we really need.

  • Needs vs Strategies: How to spot the difference between the things we find ourselves endlessly chasing and the things that will genuinely make life better.

  • Judgement vs Empathy: How our habitual thinking shuts down our ability to think creatively and collaborate effectively - and how needs are the instant escape route.

  • Purpose and needs: Why all ideas and work start with a need, and why working with needs can untangle most personal and professional dysfunctions at their heart.

“I really want to thank you for this very clear and thoroughly felt book through the human inner landscape. Doing one of the exercises has already brought me a lot of clarity and some tools to see which decision I could be taking.”

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