Clarity and Conflict: Pop-up online Summer School


After another call where someone talked about their office being half-deserted over the summer, Charlie and I thought it might be fun to offer a pop-up online summer school.

We’ll be sharing short introductions to the work we do and a chance to exploring the common ground between being clear and fighting well.

It’s a last-minute thing and we happen to both have some free time next week, so we’re running two sessions on Tuesday 13th August 9.30-11am and Friday 12-1.30pm.

Over the two calls we'll explain our individual practices, explore how they overlap and show how fighting well helps us to be clearer and how being clearer helps us to fight well.

For anyone who doesn't know, Charlie is the creator of How to be clear - a simple approach to getting clear on any idea, so you know what you're doing, how you're going to do it and what help you need.

And I teach How to fight well - a practice for staying calm when everything is kicking off, and turning uncomfortable conversations into opportunities for learning.

Charlie and I have been working together on and off for nearly six years and more recently we've started realise some common threads run through our work, particularly around listening to the body and getting free of drama.

Over the two calls we'll talk a bit about our individual practices, explore these crossovers and see what they mean for working with clarity and navigating conflict.

This is a bit of an experiment on our part, but one that feels very rich.

We’re not putting a limit on numbers - and it’s very last-minute. So, it might be quite a crowd or it might be just the two of us. We’re happy either way.

How it works

Sign up below by choosing one of the options on the shop page:

  • Take one session on your own (£59)

  • Take both sessions on your own (£89)

  • Bring your whole team to either or both (£150)

These are the fees but if you need help to pay or some alternative arrangement then get in touch via:

Once you've signed up we'll send you a link to join the call (via Zoom video conferencing).

We’ll record each call and share it with those people that have signed up - it will not be made public.