Working with Helpful Technology


Communication and leadership at Helpful Technology - 12 months in

Building on the review that Tim Lloyd (Client Services Director) and I ran after a year of working together at Helpful Technology, we recorded this exploration of the work and learning.

We've been collaborating since July 2015 on a series of initiatives aimed at supporting the growth of the team, and the business.

A programmatic approach

Starting by training the whole company in Collaborative Communication (based on the framework of NVC - putting needs at the heart of how we understand ourselves and others), we followed up with a programme of coaching and support to bed in the new skills.

Our next step was to bring clarity to the leadership team, helping them structure and improve the quality of their dialogue, and their approach to managing initiatives.

Most recently we started the process of creating a culture of feedback - establishing common language around what feedback is, how to give and receive it well - to each other and to clients.

It's great working with people like Tim - people who are as passionate about the growth and impact of business, as they are the growth and wellbeing of the team. People who are clear that the two are inextricably linked.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • Why needs and empathy lead to better work and better client relationships
  • How silos can develop and why conversation is the way out.
  • Why you need to be in it for the long game if you want results.
  • A way for leadership teams of small businesses to get clear on their role.

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