Brandwatch and Wild Things
> Next-level leadership skills 

We’re helping 65 managers find their way to being leaders

  • High-growth tech firm, 300+ people, offices in UK, US, DE, SG

  • Leadership skills for managing self and others in complexity 

  • 10 month leadership programme for 65 managers

The background

Brandwatch has been around for 15 years, starting out as a small team based in Brighton. But it's in the last six years that things have started to really take off.

Today they have more than 300 people, over 1000 clients, and offices in Brighton, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Stuttgart and Singapore.

Constantly growing and scaling, last year they picked up $33m in investment (the third round of multi-million pound funding).

Their growth has been a massive success story but growth also comes with challenges. 

Bang in the middle of making everything happen is a growing group of managers.

65 talented, creative people dedicated to the company’s success, and their own future.

A flow of new people to manage, finding the best way to scale approaches, understanding new work cultures, managing people across massive distances.

Big prizes, big possibilities but big pressure - to perform and to win.

Room for lots of crunchiness along the way.

What we're doing

Wild Things and Conscious Business People are taking these 65 people through a 10 month leadership programme.

We're helping them uncover their own leadership capability - learning to lead with their intuition, from who they are.

This is how to manage, adapt and find our way in fast-pace change and complexity.

We're teaching methods and frameworks - giving them plenty of space to practice and learn how to apply the ideas.

This includes conscious communication skills, mindfulness-based approaches to managing self, and understanding how to work with needs.

Alongside knowing the ‘how’ of applying these ‘soft skills’, we're all holding an ongoing question of what it means to be us, together - humans in business.

This first programme ends in August and we'll have more to share then.