Helpful Technology and Wild Things
> Aligning leadership with purpose and needs

Helping Helpful’s leadership team build the company they really want.

  • Leadership team, digital agency, London

  • Creating clarity around purpose, strategy and roles

  • Team offsite focused on open dialogue and accountability

The background

At some point in the journey of building a company, you start wondering how things are meant to work.

Once upon a time you only had to worry about your needs and made the rest up as you went along.

Suddenly you find yourself with employees, a long client list, an office and a bunch of products.

Not to mention that intangible but visceral thing called culture - a sense of team and ‘how we do things round here.’

Helpful Technology was founded by Steph Gray, six years ago.

Today he’s got a team of ten people, some in London, some working remotely and a group of directors leading the company.

Over the past few year he’s been asking himself how he’d like things to be,

How he makes best use of his time and energy, and helps others be at their best.

What kind of leadership team needs to be in place to make things happen.

How do they need to work together? What kind of connection do they need? How should this whole thing be structured?

What we're doing

We started with the why.

Through a process of digging deep into Steph’s story, we got clear on the core purpose of Helpful.

Then we interrogated (in a lovely, nurturing but challenging way) Steph, and both his directors, Tim and Chris, to understand what makes them tick.

We mapped out how things were currently working, how they’d evolved and where they might be heading.

Bringing the team and the results of our conversations down to Brighton, we spent a day getting clear together.

The three shared their hopes and ambitions, having direct and honest conversations about where they were going.

And over the course of the day we unearthed any lack of clarity - about roles, structure, propositions.

We mapped out how things needed to work - all rooted in the purpose of the company and the needs of the team.

What's happened

This has given us the courage and impetus to shake things up a bit rather than simply be led by what’s on top of the pile or our own habits.
— Steph Gray, Founder

Walking away from the day there was more clarity on who did what, where the business is going and how to join things up more effectively.

How to give clients more, in way that made working together more fulfilling, and in a way that grew the business.

We created a rhythm for company life that would connect everyone more clearly to the why, what and how of Helpful.
And at the root of all this, just more direct dialogue, time together and someone asking the right questions.

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